Scarica PATCH Update 3 FIFA Manager 09


Ecco disponibile la nuova patch Update 3  per FIFA Manager 09.

La patch risolve molti bug vediamo quali:

– the loading of staff members from the editor is now working
– the team picture now shows the whole squad (up to 28 players), the problem with the sometimes mixed up heads will remain because fixing it would destroy the save games
– merchandise is now working with best rated players etc.
– training camp review screen now works in multiplayer mode
– the assistant manager now gives a 20% bonus instead of a 10% bonus to put a player on his preferred position
– crowd textures now work in FIFA08 stadiums
– training camps are now available for the reserves
– youth training camps now work perfectly (button disabled if all teams are in a camp)
– youth players of AI teams get more contracts
– several art improvements
– Germany: Reserve teams can now get promoted in CaC mode
– Videotext mode improved (running matches are highlighted)
– Penalty goals now marked as penalty goals on post match screens
– Manager of the Year now works fine (only with new save games)
– Goal music now selectable for the AI clubs
– the integration of a goal music now also works for the AI clubs
– Crash with loading generic stadiums with night environments fixed
– problem with the grey hair of the 3D player heads on some interface screens fixed
– Rare end of season crash fixed
– Correct job titles in the editor (Staff section)
– Map position Watford fixed

La patch viene chiamata Update 3 è comprende un completo aggiornamento del database compresi i trasferimenti invernali. E stata aggiunta anche la Bulgaria.

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